See what homes are for sale now in BerkeleySee what homes are for sale now in Oakland So, why do home Buyers like Berkeley so much?  This weekend, I listed a home on a quiet neighborhood street in Berkeley...about 10 blocks or so to campus, 10 blocks to BART and a half a block to coffee.     Out ...
See what homes are for sale now in BerkeleySee what homes are for sale now in Oakland In the last 2 weeks, there’s anecdotal evidence that there are now more homes in the East Bay coming on the market.  I’ve noticed a slight uptick in the number of Sunday Open Homes and Broker’s Open Houses.  Tha...
See what homes are for sale now in BerkeleySee what homes are for sale now in Oakland For five to six years now, many sellers in the East Bay have been lamenting the price drop of their homes starting in 2007-2008.  Well, put away the crying towels.  The average price of a house in the East Bay (...
See what homes are for sale now in BerkeleySee what homes are for sale now in Oakland Recently, I heard famed Bay Area Real Estate Economist Carole Rodoni speak about our unique Bay Area Real Estate market.  Among her most important points that pertain to our East Bay Real Estate market as we sta...
You’re invited to the Great Estates Tour of the Claremont Pines/Upper Rockridge Neighborhood: Saturday, April 20! Mark your calendars.  On Saturday, April 20, 2013, you’ll have the opportunity to see first hand many of the distinguished homes of the Claremont Pines/Upper Rockridge neighborhood bu...
I’ve had quite a few calls in the last couple of weeks from my East Bay homeowner clients who finally have enough equity in their homes to think about selling, then moving up.  With average home prices in Berkeley and Oakland up more than 19% over last year, many who’ve thought about moving can n...
When Buyers look for homes in Berkeley, Kensington, Oakland and environs these days, one of the first things on their wish list is “walk to coffee.”   Or in other words, a few blocks to shops and groceries.  That usually relegates the search to the flatter areas in and around Berkeley, Kensington...
In our Near East Bay of Berkeley-Oakland and environs, a lot of Buyers are discouraged by the dearth of houses for sale in Berkeley and Oakland.  But the good news is, more homes will be coming on the market in Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda in the next few months.  There is still likely to be competit...
“We’re going to wait until the market gets back to normal.” - Would-be Buyer.  That would be like “waiting for Godot.”  In Bay Area/East Bay real estate, what IS a “normal” market?  Have we ever HAD a “normal market?”  Maybe once in the last 10 years … for  a few months in 2010, when there were a...
What ever happened to mansions in Oakland?  Well, now you can make yourself at home in what, for these parts, is a mansion: 4200 Terrabella Way.  Grand in every sense of the word (13 rooms, 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 7 decks, 5000 square feet and at an asking price of $1,000,000). This home is grand in...

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