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The Value Proposition of Realtor Commission Costs: Defending the Essential Investment in Real Estate TransactionsIn the realm of real estate transactions, one often encounters discussions about the necessity and justification of Realtor commission costs. One of the primary arguments against Realt...
I just got a spam call from Angie's list trying to enlist me to take on projects in the rural areas I service. I had to explain to the gentleman that the rural market is a different animal and can't be handled the same as an in town project. He didn't quite get the point of what I was telling him...
 Evaluating your DTIMost Real Estate customers in the rural land market aren’t aware that financing may be available to them. In our area of Northern Arizona, many of the land Sellers will carry a note on the property to make their property more appealing to a prospective customer. Without Owner ...
Buying rural property Buying rural land can be a rewarding investment and lifestyle choice, but it comes with its own set of considerations. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when purchasing rural land: Research Zoning Laws and Restrictions: Understand the zoning regulations and any re...

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