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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED
Good grief!  I suggested that you, as a borrower, put your "best face forward" when shopping for a mortgage online and a hockey game broke out in the comments section.  It seems that REALTORs and loan originators were DYING to show you, the online consumer, that they don't care about your dress o...
Apparently, looks matter when you’re seeking a loan.  From a Rice University study: People who are perceived to be trustworthy are more likely to have a higher credit score and pay lower interest rates on loans, and are less likely to default, according to the study by Rice University in Houston,...
I hosted a webinar tonight about VA home loans, targeted at REALTORS, to better help them understand: how to present VA offers that get accepted. the alternative underwriting model the VA uses for income analysis how a VA home loan is a better choice, in some California counties, than a jumbo con...
Tonight's webinar explains: The zero-down loan limits for California counties How a purchase price, above the VA loan limit, might not require a 20-30% down payment Why returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are buzzing about the fact that they can buy a home How residual income analysis is used...
The FDIC developed an acroynm for the composite ratios it runs to “rate” the financial health of its member banking concerns.   An index, ranging from one to five is calculated and the FDIC premium charged to the institution is commensurate with its CAMELS rating.  “CAMELS” stands for: Capital Ad...
An excerpt from my latest constibution to "Tin Foil Hats' productions": All this could be chalked up to Obama’s inexperience (which we knew when we elected him).  After all, it was only five years ago that Obama was still mixing it up in Springfield as an Illinois State Senator.  I’m not riled up...
Wanna have some fun?  I have an idea about how to “save” the banking industry.  Through mergers and acquisitions, the banking cartel grew to become infallible.  Dave Shafer pins the tipping point of this crisis to the repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.  I’m not so certain he’s incorrect. T...
From Mark Madsen on the Mortgage Sales Blog: My friends Mark Green and Brian Brady are hosting another webinar about mortgage social networking tomorrow. Brian has mastered the art of mining social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin for the purpose of meeting new mortgage clients and ...
Remember those impetuous, ne’er do well subprime borrowers and those greedy subprime lenders?  Writing about them is sooo… 2007 but I’m happy to report that both greed and reckless abandon are alive and well today…. …at Bank of America. Remember Ken Lewis?  He’s that sober-faced, bespectacled CEO...
California REALTORs can be heroes with three simple words; DID YOU SERVE? One in ten Californians, between the ages of 21 and 55 are eligible for a VA Home Loan. DID YOU SERVE? VA loan limits, for zero-down home loans, in five Northern California counties go as high as $1,094,000 DID YOU SERVE? C...

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