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Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while, been really busy. Anyway, I have a beautiful house for sale. It is a 1.5 year old stone front colonial w/ 4 beds and 3.5 baths. It is approximately 2600 sq. ft. not counting the full basement. There is a whole house water treatment system. There are 2 ...
Sometimes, when it feels like nothing is working out, you just have a bad day. I found out a lender is averaging the last 18 mos. income instead of using year to date. That really messes everything up. Because he had much lower income last year, It makes his DTI way too high. Mind you, if they ju...
I am a motivational anything junkie.  I love to read magazines, books, listen to speakers, etc. I must admit that a good motivational quote can change my whole attitude in 5.2 seconds. I feel very lucky to have this skill. Some people are just miserable. No matter what you say, they will have an ...
There are many reasons to become a homeowner. The financial benefits alone are worth it! The tax breaks for homeowners are great. That in itself is enough. As of 2007, you can deduct PMI(private mortgage insurance) on your taxes. What an awesome deal. When you rent, you might as well just go out ...
Hey everyone, good morning!I was wondering if we have any real estate agents in the these areas. My husband is currently working up there and we have contemplated relocating. Please comment if you work in these areas. I have some questions.Thanks,Amanda
Hello everyone, My name is Amanda Bowser and I am a Mortgage Consultant with Equity Plus, Inc. in Wilmington, De. I work out of my home office in Smyrna, DE and have lived in Delaware all my life. I have been married 13 years and have 4 kids.I wanted to bring up an important point for lots of hom...
Hello everyone, I have a problem. I am a working mother. LOL. Well, duh. That was odvious right from conception. It was hard work growing a baby, or 4!! I love my kids more than anything in the world, but there are times, when I am trying to price a loan, I wished the school day was a little long...
We received an email from citigroup informing us that Fannie Mae has drastically changed the guidelines for MCM Products. Supposedly, this is not lender specific, but comes from Fannie Mae. Among the biggies is, no more EA-II!! Shouldn't every MCM Lender be sending this out?Here is the link: ...
Hello everyone!I wanted to let you know how great 4th of July is in our little town! It is the longest running 4th of July celebration in the state. The festivities start with Smyrna HarringtonERA putting miniature American flags up and down every main street in Smyrna. At 10:00 a.m., we have the...
Hey everyone,Besides the fact that we make good money and have control of our time, there is another great aspect of this job. Helping people become homeowners. There is nothing like the feeling of talking to a client who has been through hard times, living with the in-laws with 4 kids, feeling h...

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