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This week we will be adding the beautiful North Muskegon Apartments. This 34 unit boast all that North Muskegon Residents look for. From a quite living to beautiful view. Tenants are directly on the walking trail into the four corners of North Muskegon. For those of you not familiar with North Mu...

I have visited BNI groups and have been underimpressed. Many of the people that are there are very unprofessional. It has been frustrating. So when I got inviting to another to another group I was not excited, but I am all about publicity and so I decided to venture out. This was a Chamber of Com...
Well to date I have been using active Rain for about 3 months and have received a hard contact with a closed deal and a soft contact with a deal waiting to come through. I got to say that I am enjoying using Active Rain and that so far it has been the most productive place for me to spend my time...
I have been taking a very laid back assult on prospecting, but we have a hot market and I would love to be able to find more qualified people to be able to sell these great deals.   What are some ways that you have found to work?   -Jason
Well last week we got a Chance to go visit Peoria Illinois. We got a chance to visit Reliable Property Management. What a great trip. We got a chance to see how other companies were doing their business. We are still growing and every day brings along new things that we learn. Even when you think...
When i am looking for someone's information on the web and I can simply not find their info it really bugs me. I am looking for a company in the Ada Area and can not find their information on the web. I can find some information, but no email or website. I am trying to do my homework. I mean who ...
One of the considerations that I have been thinking about is the prospect of using other Realtors as my sales force. I have gone to a couple BNI meetings and was quite impressed with the ideas that were presented. Seeing that I do not directly have the same job description as realtors I would lik...
Can Somone please explain Google Local to me. I am listed on Google Local, but i want to be the first. I am on the first page, but there are 5 other companies before me and the problem is that most of them are not even Property management companies. How do you move up in Google Local?    
Just got a call from someone looking for a nice Rental Spot. They are going to be in town for one week and we need to line up some Rentals for them. i don't have a lot of contacts in Spring Lake and Grand Haven who own Rentals, but i am willing to show them yours. They are looking to pay between ...
First day on active Rain and I am featured. Pretty Lame if you ask me. It doesn't mean much if you can become featured in your area with 1600 points...   Well anyways. I am new and I wanted to let everyone know that we here in Muskegon mean business. I want to take full advantage of this communit...

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