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DO YOU NEED REAL EXPOSURE? Most agents would say yes I do-I just don't have the time or the money-it's expensive to advertise, etc. Well not only is extremely important to have an online presence it is also important to have as much exposure as possible. There are a number of sites that allow lis...
This is a question I pose to all agents here on active rain. I am a virtual assistant and I am trying to gain knowledge about the real concerns agents face when they consider using a virtual assistant. From past experience I have had a few comments from prospective clients including trust, etc. I...
Yes--it is a fact that nearly 80% of buyers begin their home search on-line. Why does this matter to you? Because those buyers are more likely to use a Realtor with a strong Internet presence. Sellers are also more likely to use a Realtor with a strong Internet presence to insure they have the be...
Welcome to part two of our new business resource series brought to you by Virtu-Assist, a real estate support firm offering Real Estate Virtual Assistants to provide "Real Solutions for Realtors." This series will provide basic business forms and templates that can be customized for your business...
Get noticed online by using social media marketing (SMM). I know that some of you think social media sites are a little sketchy when it comes to advertising. I think this opinion has been derived from the fact that many social & multimedia sites are used by all sorts of people and have all sorts ...
Get your business in gear for the new year! Well how can you do that? Well for starters have a plan, success is reached by setting goals and future planning. It is an asset to your business to have a sound plan for the new year, set goals for your self as motivation to achieve greater success. Id...
A virtual assistant is a true asset for any business, especially a real estate business. Why specifically Real Estate? Because most real estate agents work independently. It can be a real challenge when an agent has the potential to obtain more business but does not have the manpower to take it o...
Virtu-Assist would like to announce a new business resource series. This series will provide basic business forms and templates that can be customized for your business.  We even have a special series dedicated to Realtors which includes contracts, lease agreements, property flyers, brochures and...
Here is an excerpt from our Real Biz Resource Newsletter... FREE WEBSITES FOR ADVERTISING YOUR LISTINGS! BLOGGING SITES FOR ADVERTI...
Virtu-Assist would like to announce a new series of best business resources for the real estate professional.The newsletter Real Biz Resource includes vital information for increasing efficiency in your business. From money saving ideas, time saving resources, to top notch programs for production...

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