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As a real estate virtual assistant & internet marketing specialist I help agents find creative ways to advertise their listings online to help maximize exposure and cut advertising costs. I created this list a useful resource for agents who need to advertise listings online while cutting costs on...
The most common question I hear as a Social Media Marketing Consultant is this: How do I get the highest ROI from my social media marketing campaign? Businesses want to know what the return on investment is for using social media, but it's a complex question to answer for many reasons.  Like any...
Many people get overwhelmed by spending so much time on social media that it takes away from other important tasks each day. Here I share some of my tips on how to spend less than an hour a day on social media. The key is to focus on the most important aspects of social media: Observe. Participat...
The growing popularity in social media has created great anxiety among many businesses about how to use them and how to create a profitable ROI using them. Social Media is the buzz in many marketing departments these days, and the biggest concern is how to spend time and resources wisely when us...
One of the most common real estate marketing tools used today is Top Producer. If you have this system you may have overlooked a powerful advantage for your social media marketing campaign. Most of you already store your contacts in Top Producer--have you connected them with your Facebook profile...
Here are a few social media ideas designed for those companies who are just beginning to engage with social media marketing. This initial strategy will help show some benefits of social media marketing services while limiting the risk involved. 1.Internal Communication - One of the often overlook...
So you spend all this time working to set up a blog-you add fresh content often and yet what good does all that hard work do for you if your blog is not showing up in search engines?Honestly-it is doing you no good at all if it is not being found in search results. If people searching online do n...
Custom Real Estate Twitter BackgroundsTwitter is one of the biggest social media websites out there. Twitter offers a great opportunity for people looking to market their goods and services. When marketing yourself, you want all pieces to look similar and cohesive: logo, business cards, letterhea...
In the world of Social Media Marketing the obvious goal for most business owners is to capture new customers. In order to do that there are certain things any successful plan should include. First things first, you should always direct new customers to your social media pages online-this means ad...
Are you linking your outside blog on Facebook? If not you should be-especially if you are in Real Estate. This is a great way to post valuable content on your profile or you business fan page without the added work of posting new status updates. If you link your blog to your account it will autom...

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