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After a very busy spring and summer, our number of bank owned assignments decreased dramatically . In the last few weeks we have noticed a huge upsurge in assignments, and that the banks are pricing them to pull in multiple offers. Many trustee sales were postponed for months during attempted wor...
I have been here 45 minutes and learned more than I have at some all day seminars........ working on making my website more visable and have lots of new ideas. 
I have a bit of time to read , and am setting reading time as a goal for myself.  I am looking for suggestions on anything to help undestand the market and the economy we are in....  thanks
 The market is frustrating at the moment. With just over 200 homes for asle in Vallejo (almost half of which are short sales) and less than 90 for sale in Benicia (of which 20 are short sales.) there is not much choice for buyers. Offers are comming in way over value, homes not appraising and the...
 We are in  great market now, and almost every property cash flows well and is selling for about half of what it was 3 years ago. Buyers keep wanting to pay 30% less because a few wise folks did by property another 25% cheaper last year. They want the same price their friend Larry paid and do not...
I am a broker in Benicia CA an we are seeing 10-20 offers on homes becuase they are such great buys and still so cheap. Buyers keep lowballing them, thinking that they can "steal" a 3 bedroom 2 bath home ( as one could do 9 months ago). They are going to loose the tax credit if they do not get  a...
The market is not as slow as some people make it appear. We closed over 70  transactions in 2008, and are amost at that poing now in Aug of 2009. We all have to learn to adapt. Prices are begining to level and rise in some areas.There is lots of business out there. There are multible offers on mo...

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