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  If you were waiting until the last minute to get your tickets for RainCamp Washington DC.....that last minute is quickly upon us. This Thursday, June 10th is our 9th RainCamp and sure to be our best one yet. Tickets are getting low, Platinum seating has sold out, and if DC is anything like our ...
We recently made a mistake by featuring a few posts that we believe violated our community guidelines, and by doing so we believe we harmed the reputation of this network of professionals. Our entire team apologizes for this and I take full responsibility as one of the posts was something I featu...
ActiveRain Success Means Different Things to Different People. But every one of you is ultimately looking for closed transactions and as a result, CHECKS, from your participation on ActiveRain. On May 4th of 2010, Connie Harvey, one of our esteemed members from the Nashville area wrote a post abo...
Thank you to everyone who has helped build ActiveRain into the network it is today. In our continued effort to reward our members who have spent time, energy and heart growing our network and contributing on a regular basis, we are implementing a new policy regarding grandfathered RainMaker acco...
We are balancing the line on our communication regarding timelines. We want to give you the most up to date information and everything we know, but we want to be cautious of giving projected completion dates. Traditionally the way we try to work is to make an announcement based on factual informa...
  While we wait for the site to come back to 100% (and it will be there soon!) and when it does: Your content is safe. It will always be safe. It will not be lost. The comments being left that are showing blank will be restored. (not actually sure on this one.....) ActiveRain will continue to get...
I have to admit, I'm almost speechless. Todd Clark hit 1,000,000 points earlier today on ActiveRain.     How the heck does someone have that much focus and that much to say? (I don't have the answer, I'm really wondering how he did it) The crazy part? He doesn't spend 5 hours a day on the site, l...
Last night, Tuesday night, we got the first portion of the data migration complete for the new servers. However, the project has been a little more complex than we planned for. Because of that, we will be taking the site down for a few hours each night this week. We felt it was important to allow...
If you aren't at least a little bit frustrated with ActiveRain by now, then God bless you! You must have one of those personalities where it takes forever to upset you......but once you get there, there's no going back? Of anybody out there reading this, I promise you I have threatened my compute...

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