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I just read a comment pointed to the blog "Why Do People Hate Us So Much."  He mentions a group called the "Parent Relocation Council" who claim to be experts on determining whether or not an agent is a true professional simply by having them pass certain tests.  Well now, who are these people an...
I recently commented on a post and to my dismay found that it had been entered five times.  This occured because I saw no action when I clicked on the submit prompt.  I didn't know how to remove the extra posts and therefore left the website thinking that I would be looked upon as some kind of id...
Endurance and durability are two qualities that a person must have when they decide to enter the Real Estate profession.  New associates have to learn the ropes by themselves and it takes time to accomplish and fine-tune your goals in order to get rolling.  In the beginning, I saw many who joined...
This title is a perfect fit because it concerns the ups and downs a Realtor faces in the business.  In my case for instance I came upon a couple who at first seemed to be very cooperative and definitely in need of a mobile home.  The woman was in her mid forties and the gentleman was looking at h...
 When the Federal Reserve Board lowers the discount rate they give a shot in the arm to the housing market.  This of course encourages those who are ready to buy a home to start searching for a Realtor.  Before the internet,  first time home buyers relied heavily on all information from a Realtor...

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