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Humorous ramblings of a hard-working mother who's juggling what works for now in real estate with 2 boys of seven and fourteen years of age...did I say she's a sucessful, full time REALTOR....?
Go to  and get the particulars on it-  I've got inside pics coming tomorrow.... It's NOT just a listing!  It's my PERSONAL HOUSE!!! AAAARRRRRGGGHH! SOMEBODY BUY MY HOUSE!!!!!
"I got my real estate license so I can have a more flexible schedule."  Yup.  I thought so anyway.  Boy, was I NOT thinkin'! If anything, it's made me more creative with my schedule,and made me make every minute possible productive.... (Okay, if I make the listing appointment for 2:3O, I can stil...
The BEST thing about living in/around/near Richmond, VA is that it is so very self-sufficient.  Very little of the huge ups and downs have we seen here...while the Nation was struggling, Richmond real estate was UP 3%.  While forclosures abounded elswhere, Richmond stayed strong!   We're relative...
OH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD IN A BUCKET!!! PEOPLE!  QUIT BORROWIN' A JACK!!! I gotta tell ya...I'm so sick of the media shouting the words RECESSION! FALLING HOME SALES! FORECLOSURES! Holy Mackerel, folks!  Doesn't anyone ANYWHERE realize that the real estate market is a LOCAL BUSINESS?!!I'm a sick as ...

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Some things are on my mind today.....and I'll just pretend that something I've learned may help someone else....or that someone else may be interested in my sometimes off color almost always humorous and somewhat rambling ramblings.......