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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Metro Area. On my blog you'll find Real Estate Information, Market Statistics, Neighborhood Information, School Updates, Upcoming Workshops, Information about Local Business Partners and occasionally posts just for fun!
What a fun challenge Kathy Streib and Carol Williams have created for us this month -  May ActiveRain Challenge; Getting to Know You. Honestly I had a blast answering the questions and having some fun this afternoon! Thanks Ladies. And.....I am sorry in advance my post is so long! I was having so...
Who knew!  Back in December of 2006 that ActiveRain would still be rocking FAR beyond any expectations that many of us had and it still does to this day! Reflecting on all the awesome relationships that have been created, all the learning, all the positivity, all the fun and everything else in be...
Happy Sunday Rainers!  I hope you're having as wonderful Sunday as we are!  Lots of changes going on around our home.  The biggest news is finally after 4 months of attempting to teach Norman how to 'SIT' he finally got it this week!  I think his big brother Barney taught him, not us!  Now he 'ge...
March has come in like a lamb and going out like a lamb in Phoenix!  With that said I knew I wanted to update my signature for quite sometime but never got around to it.  Craig Daniels and Eileen Burns March Challenge was exactly the push I needed to move forward and get it done. Thank you Craig ...
This fun post is for Raymond E. Camp !  Raymond asked on FB if anyone remembered  that back in the 90's people would often times pull next up to someone at a stop sign, windows down, and inquire -  Pardon Me, Do You Happen To Have Any Grey Poupon?  I said, hey Raymond I've got a fun grey poupon s...
 Today is another day to be thankful for all the little and big things that life has to offer.  It's been a mixed bag this past few weeks with all the news coming out of Ukraine. We have so much and they are going through hell and back.  I had to turn off the news as I found myself focusing on wh...
Change is really one and the same with my middle name 'Banana'!  When I think back and reflect to my early days in the business I have to smile at the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of changes I've make due to the Internet and beyond. The picture above was taken at my first real estate compan...
Let me tell you, it's a big day when Gary decides to take the 'boys' with him to his second home, Home Depot!  When he drives in the parking lot and goes to get a cart they know what's coming and they start barking and wagging their tails.  First he arranges a little pad in the cart so it's easie...
Monday's Power Thought - FOCUS! We humans forget, at times, the power of FOCUS.  Our Fur Babies, on the other hand are always FOCUSED when they want something!  Last night I just happened to catch this photo of  Barney and Norman focused intently on their 'Daddy' getting their dinner ready.  They...
It's quite fitting that I'm saying Merry Christmas Rainers as it's raining cats and dogs here in Phoenix today.  As in pouring down rain!  I can't remember a Christmas Eve or Christmas day that's ever been raining!!  I feel for all those folks that are in town to visit relatives and enjoy the sun...

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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in Metro Phoenix. My blog is updated almost daily so be sure to subscribe and keep abreast of what's going on in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.