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As a Real Estate Photographer I feel my job is to spark interest in the home I photograph and entice the viewer to see the home in person. In the past people may have gone with the approach of wanting to show everything and provide pictures of every single room regardless of its value.  A possibl...
  The leaves will soon be dropping and unfortunately bare trees and brown grass don't always make for a nice front photograph of a listing.  Why not try something that will draw attention like a twilight photograph! It's also a sure way to impress your clients and show them you are actively marke...
One of the biggest objections I hear when offering my services to agents is that they say they feel their photos are "good enough".  I believe there are some basic technical criteria every agent and professional photographer should be achieving to provide the best possible photographs to the home...
We have all had "those" kind of days, the dog was sick all night, equipment breaking right when you need it, check engine light comes on in the car...this was the start to my day.  I'll admit I was a bit off, but with a quick(but expensive) trip to the camera store the day was saved, or so I thou...
now is the time to update those exterior photographs. A front shot of your listing covered in snow looks a little silly about now(at least in Northeast Ohio).  What a great way to show your client you are still actively marketing their property by sending your photographer out for a mini photo sh...
I arrived at a home yesterday and instantly thought, "Ooh this is the perfect house for some detail shots".  Photos don't just tell a story, they can evoke a feeling.  While I use a wide angle lens for normal pictures of each room, at the end of the session I'll switch lens, in this case to a 50m...
I recently photographed a home for a client and was surprised to see she no longer had her Enhancements status on so the virtual tour I made for her was only going to be seen on the MLS.  The horror, my beautiful photographs would only be seen in the wretched MLS size, and only 4 of t...
Here's the follow-up to this post Home Sellers Can See the Difference.   I've see lots of agents say they take their own pictures and they are "just fine" or "good enough".  I realize that great photography will not sell a home, but it will spark more interest.  Also, showing potential clients th...
Here is a photo of the Smolen-Gulf bridge over the Ashtabula River and Plymouth and Ashtabula Township lines.  It is the longest covered bridge in the United States. My husband loves pictures of bridges so I found myself driving around the other day trying to find a nice one to take a picture of ...
I received a phone call yesterday from a home owner asking about photography.  She wanted to know if I only took pictures for Agents or if I would also work for a home owner.  I told her I would take pictures for anyone. To my surprise she explained that she had an Agent but was unhappy with the ...

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