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This is a new listing coming up on Tuesday 12/22/09. This was purchased directly from bank and is being revamped by an experienced builder who will put this home in tip top condition. The original sale price with lot was over $300,000 and it's going to be offered at $179,900.  This is a highly de...
Zillow and Trulia are more popular than Reatlor.com why?  Maybe it's because consumers can look up values of sold properties in their area.....da.  We can't provide sold information from IDX due to National Association Rules, in the meantime they are over ran by these two websites that provide so...
All the attention of real estate foreclosures is being pointed at the banks and Realtors and preditory lending. Frankly that is all BS....The real Culprit is NAFTA.  Why do I say that...it's simple to understand. Prior to 9/11 starting at the end of 1999, the federal reserve raised interest rates...
Every market is diferent, but all across the nation homes have lost quite a bit of value. The higher the cost of your home the more loss of value you have experienced. It all comes down to supply and availability. Notice I didn't "demand". Even if you have less demand or more demand, the number o...
HUD Homes are merely FHA financed homes that went to foreclosure, since they are insured by Housing and Urban Development, HUD ends up owning the home instead of the bank. The process for purchasing HUD homes is an online auction. The values are set and I have to tell you, there is definitely som...
All this finger pointing just turns my stomach....who cares just fix the problem and fix it fast! Does it surprise government officials when house loans carry the lowest interest rate, spread out over the longest amount of time, is tax deductible and a bank would give me an equity loan for up to ...
Yes, Real Estate Values are still falling... but homes are definitely selling. Anyone who is willing to shallow the loss of their home can make a huge gain on a new purchase. The challenge can be getting out of the one you're in, especially if you're already upside down, meaning your mortgage is ...
Foreclosured properties can be super bargains, but you need to know there are some pitfalls to look out for. First the contracts can be a challenge. Some banks have addendums that require the buyer to finalize the sale even if the property were to flood or even worse burn while waiting for the sa...
Looks like we're in for a rough ride for quite a while, any one who is secure with their finances are certainly in a position to take advantage of some real bargains in the market currently. Foreclosures Properties are now selling at about 2/3rds the cost of what they were at their peak value in ...

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