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I am writing a mini E-book on business planning that all sales people, business owners, academics, and future business owners can learn from. Recently I wrote an article that was even acknowledged by a well respected and nationwide publisher:
The writing is on the wall.  Dept of Labor shows 9.4% unemployment and this excludes part time workers that really need full time jobs.  This excludes workers who have given up looking ofr a job and are just not inncluded in unemployment figures (maybe one day the rule-makers will change that). W...
It been at least 3 months since I've been here but I have added a new service to my Company and will be revamping my active rain site over the next month. Visit for more info on business planning and consultation. Charles American Cash Solutions Inc 631-368-2219
American Cash Solutions Inc is looking for wealthy individuals willing to assist in Joint Ventures with my borrowers.  You will agree to not circumvent or compete with my role as the Commercial Mortgage Broker and if you are comfortable to work with and not to demanding of my Borrowers and me the...
You are a builder or a developer who has a builder on your team.  You call up a bank or commercial mortgage broker.  You are concerned about exorbitant fees.  You've heard that business owners are being asked to pay fees and then wind up with nothing.  What's more is the money in escrow you've ha...
American Cash Solutions Inc is pleased to announce it has obtained a Letter of Interest on behalf of a Builder located in the Midwest.  The project involves construction of over 100 single family homes, over 5 Industrial Buildings and over 8 Commercial Mixed Use properties. The Construction Loan ...
And they are also declining them!  So what's the point?  Getting a loan approval depends on meeting the lenders revised guidelines.  Private Money Lenders ARE Hard Money Lenders.  Today they even try to call themselves "situational" lenders.  It seems back in the day, the high interest rates norm...
It is inaccurate when media says there is no money...most hard money comes from private money, not Wall Street. One of my lenders received a $50,000,000 credit line from a publicly traded bankt hat has beena round since the 1800s.  I have a lender that is working on my customer's request for $15 ...
The implications of not creating a solution to the mortgage problem is so serious and it is shocking that they did not pass SOME solution on a bipartisan level. The failure to solve this banking crisis will lead to massive job losses, failure of banks, and quite possibly a severe recession. Small...
So what about those banks that didn't do bad loans?  They did right by their customers and what do they get? More business?  The chance to take business from banks and investment banks that went belly up?  That seems like the case but they don't get a check from the government.  I am just wonderi...

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