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Real Estate insights, comments, humor and opinions of Victoria Frieberg, broker for Rush Point Realty LLC. Aspiring photographer, recent empty nester, sometimes irreverent, irrelevant or just plain irritating if you listen to the kids...allowing me to join your real estate journey whether a seasoned pro, or a brand new consumer is a gift..thank you!
We Minnesotans often hear we have an accent.  I don't hear it..and the movie Fargo sounds like a North Dakotan to me...but I digress.  We do have our own names for our unique weather patterns and the results though:  Snizzle (a combination of snow and drizzle), maccident (a huge pile up caused by...
Home from a weeklong holiday the family of 7 walks in the door.  The odd smell and cold home alert the father to check and relight the furnace, but he notices soot around the burners that he does not think belongs there.  Warming up and putting away the weeks laundry and toys..he mentions that hi...
A couple of years ago one of my local appraisers told me he would be leaving the field after almost 30 years.  He thought the writing was on the wall for real estate moving to a new norm of desktop appraisals, controlled by the large GSE's..and his line of work would be almost obliterated. Yester...
Downtime..pretty rare in the past year for a lot of us. It is one of those mornings where the lake is completely fogged in..and my brain seems to be circling in on interior thoughts, much neglected interior housekeeping..and how rapid this past year seemed to go. This year my clients were  gifts....
It must be something in my psyche that makes me love short sales.  I would hate to turn this  topic over to a shrink..but why else would someone keep riding the waves of protectiveness, frustration, nerves and just plain anger over and over? I work with agents and teams who turn their short sales...
    Cruising the web today, a surprising statistic is often repeated. Seniors are 50% more likely to die in a housefire than the general population. Many factors contribute to this scary fact, but by becoming more aware of circumstances that can endanger yourself or a loved one, we can hope to mi...
  Extensive research has been conducted on the interior collection of food diversity found in the average realtors keyboard.  With an upsurge in a seemingly new condition caused by bpo completion, blog submission and governmental research, the researcher attempted to find the one indicator most l...
  As a broker who has closed many short sale transactions, I am frequently asked questions on how this type of sale works.  There is a quick, generic  answer, and the long form! The quick answer would be the example of Mr. and Mrs. Smith owe $200,000 on their home.  Mr. has lost his job as a cons...
NIce job of laying this out so well.  I love my local lenders who have enough knowledge to walk through these shifting sands, and find a lender who can help my buyers from the get go.  All too often these days, we hear about mortgage applications being denied due to tight underwriting guidelines....

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