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I'm a bit nervous about the energy efficiency of my house.  Today is the day the Energy Trust of Oregon is doing an energy audit, and since my house is 107 years old, I am pretty sure I'm going to get a bad grade!  There is a LOT of equipment on the front porch - no clue what it is all for, other...
Took the Metro a few days before the Inauguration and had a startling experience.  Throughout Eastern Market, Metro Center and the Columbia Heights stations were words - Joy, Hope, Together - and all the O's were made up of the Obama campaign logo.  "Wow," I thought, "how impressive.  They've rea...
I had a wonderful vacation. Half the fun is taking photos, seeing if I can get something a little different, or exciting.  Once in a while I succeed, many times not. It really doesn't matter because I have such a good time doing it.  Here are a few I like. All these photos were taken in the La B...
It's hours since I left the Mall.   I'm a bit achey from all the walking - and the cold.  I've seen the recaps on television, and watched the President and First Lady dance to the Etta James song, 'At Last', sung by Beyonce.  I've dozed a bit in front of that same television, and saw more in the ...