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It looks like we haven't heard the whole story on the Home Buyer's Tax credit yet.  The IRS is examining more than 100,000 suspicious returns that claimed the credit.    So, buyers who claim the credit need to beware for the possibility of an IRS audit! It appears that others are questioning the ...
Here's the new Pacific Appraisal Wenatchee Snapshot Report.  Things are holding fairly steady in Wenatchee, below last year but not bad compared to most of the world. Check it out!
There are currently only 13 pending sales in the entire Lake Chelan MLS.  I can't remember a number that low before.  Even early this year, the number stayed in the twenties and thirties.  In the more robust markets of a couple years ago, pending sales were in the forty and fifty range. So, thirt...
Consider these words: Help Americans understand that the first and best defense of their liberty is not free speech, a free press or free access to weapons, but, rather, the freedom to buy, sell, own, use, enjoy and profit from the land we live on. - Greg Swan It is not that those other freedoms ...
As we pass the middle of August and we start to worry about getting kids ready for school, those who were hoping to sell their homes and properties in the Lake Chelan area know it won't be long before buying activity wanes to winter lows. So, what do they do?  It becomes "End of Summer Sale" time...
That's right, there is a type of home that is seeing much higher sales than last year.  Those would be Lake Chelan waterfront homes!  Through August, 10 have sold in 2009 as compared to 7 that sold last year. Do you want to know why?  While I don't know the thoughts of individual buyers, the barg...
Folks often ask about houseboats on Lake Chelan.  There is at least one large, luxurious houseboat on the lake.  There are pontoon boat and boat rentals from a few different companies, but no houseboat rentals I am aware of. Often moored at the Manson marina, this Harbor Master appears to be a 5...
We have an extremely seasonal housing market at Lake Chelan.  In my studies, only Alaska sees a greater variation in visitors higher than Lake Chelan.  As fall approaches, our real estate market slows down, way down!  We have lots of people, around 80% of those who listed their homes, wondering w...
I was by Benson Vineyards a couple of weeks ago with friends who were in town.  As it turns out the Benson family had just completed their new, and spectacular, tasting room.   Nature has already given the Benson Winery one of the most incredible settings in the Pacific Northwest with sweeping La...
In the first two or three minutes that the buyer enters your home, sensory organs feed data into the emotional centers of the brain.  On the spot, the emotional networks vote up or down.  The deal effectively starts or ends with the firing of a few billion neurons. A book by Jonah Lehrer, a forme...

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