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We in Yamhill County like to think we've achieved a degree of sophistication with our vineyards in the hills, world-famous pinot noir, fine dining and local artists.  After all, the area was recently written up in the "Havens" series in The New York Times. The article entitiled Rural Vistas, Natu...
I meant to move on.  Really I did.  It's December now - the comforting Oregon rains, the welcome sunbreaks and the occasional chill wind that makes Oregonians hustle to the nearest coffee bar are beginning for real.  I usually cherish this time of year, but this time I find myself counting the da...
In McMinnville, Oregon, of course! The same Evergreen Aviation Museum complex that houses Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and a state-of-the-art IMAX Theater recently opened a Space Museum.  The solar system walkway is just the beginning of a beautifully done display and history of the United States ...
Alien invaders were back in town for the ninth year and the UFO Festival in McMinnville was bigger and better than ever!  The first documented sighting of a UFO happened in 1950 on the Trent farm near McMinnville, Oregon.  At least we like to think it did. The theme lends itself to unbridled crea...
I found mine many years ago, and it's still the place I seek out for a little break from the real world - the place where stress, schedules, appointments and all the cares of the day can melt away, if only for a few hours.  I have the good fortune to live an hour from the beach so a little stroll...
I've been a computer user for so long I once had to haul boxes of punched cards (after I punched data into them and verified it) a couple of miles to a data processing center where they were fed into a processor the size of a camp trailer.  I watched while the programmers installed my application...
The media loves gloom and doom predictions and statistics, and this year's reporting on the real estate market nationwide is no exception.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, however, it seems any lagging market statistics are primarily media-driven.  Sellers ask about holding back "until the market ...
I'm sort of a minimalist.  I like a lot of white space in my ads, have very few knicknacks in my own space and try to put concepts in a nutshell.  This has served me well during my career when it comes to writing addenda, repair requests and other verbiage in offers.  Early training resounds with...
The special Southwest section in the May 31 Oregonian had quite a write-up on the effect of some Measure 37 claims in Yamhill County.  If you missed it, here's a link to the OregonLive online version:
                     I was driving down 2nd Street today and something caught my eye -- was I really seeing mules harnessed to a plow on a bare lot in the suburbs?  Curiosity got the best of me and I turned around hoping the camera in my purse was fully charged.  What I found was an inspiration--...

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