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  On average, those polled only scored a 60 on the survey, The point is “a low passing grade” on a school level. (You can take the quiz yourself at .)   Here are a few other things that most respondents didn’t seem to know:   Credit scores aren’t about your ability to pay ...
Asset Acceptance slapped w/ $2.5 m fine
Self employed Business owners are feeling the pinch.
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Courtesy of Grand Rapids Credit Repair Experts, Cambridge Credit Consultants We are a country in debt.  Not only is our government falling deeper into debt and exceeding their spending limit, but we, as Americans, are in debt ourselves, and the problem is not getting better.    Most Americans are...
It is possible to remove late payments from your credit report, one process is called re-aging.  The re-aging process can remove late payments from your credit report which will help raise your credit score.     Yes, you can erase bad debt. So what is re-aging? Most people, even a self-proclaimed...
Looking to get approved for a FHA loan?  Need to get your credit score over 620 or 640?  We can help.  Cambridge Credit Consultants specializes in Credit Coaching, Credit Education and Credit Repair.  We are a Grand Rapids Credit Repair Company that offers Credit Repair Nationwide.  We assist con...
  Previously we described the composition of a credit score.  Now, we will share with you some helpful tips on how to maximize your credit score within each "score bucket". Payment History Tips – 35% of your credit score Pay your bills on time - Delinquent payments and collections can have a majo...
Do you know what your Credit Score is and what your Credit Score is comprised of?   FICO Scores are calculated from various credit data in your credit report. This data can be grouped into five categories as outlined below. The percentages in the chart reflect how important each of the categories...

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The Truth on Credit Restoration, Credit Repair and How Long to Repair Credit Contrary to what the credit bureaus would like you to believe, credit repair does work and can work for 100% of people in most circumstances when accompanied with Credit Coaching and Credit Education. This is, of course, provided you are getting the best advice and have an experienced professional working on your case. How long to repair credit is really the question and that will depend on your situation. If you are looking for FHA credit or credit to obtain a FHA loan that will be different than someone who wants their score high enough to realize the benefits a 720 credit score can give you.