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55+ retirement communities and retirement community living. 55 Community Blog about finding and living in 55 communities, active adult communities and retirement communities of all sorts.
When you retire, they say get a hobby!  I have found this to be good advise,  so when I retired I started collecting again. I used to collect coins as a kid.  But life happens and you get busy, too busy for a hobby.  I really didn't know I missed collecting until I rediscovered it again.I started...
One of my first blog was Boomer Places which I started way back in 2010. I started the blog when I  retired and since I was an older baby boomer I thought I would blog about experiences trying to find a place to retire.It's funny how a blog takes a life of it's own and soon the blog used to tell ...
Did you know that most of the largest 55 and Over Communities are located in the best small towns?The Active Communities that Del Webb, Cresswind and Trilogy builds are mostly located on the outskirts of metropolitan areas for several reasons.1. Development of the large communities requires a lot...
Are there differences in a senior living community and a 55+ community? Some commuon things are both are age qualified, have some  amenities and activities and have seniors living there. So what's the difference?  Many of the 55+ communities have a sub-set called Active Adult Community, like tho...
With the oldest baby boomers now turning 73, senior living communities populations could be increasing.. and changing.According to Senior Housing News, the demand by seniors to not be called “seniors” is not one of vanity. It is one of realism. With life expectancy rising and health levels improv...
Senior Centers offer all kinds of activites right in most people's local neighborhood. In fact, neighbor Senior Center is a great asset in keep retiring people in their home and neighborhood. What are the activites senior centers offer? Senior Center ActivitiesActivites are the main service offer...
There are over 80 grown men over age 55 in the Over 55 Community where I live that love playing softball. I went to their softball championship game this week and it was evident how much they loving playing this game and how happy it makes them feel. Just look at those proud and smiles face in th...
Explore Del Webb Community Visits Del Webb and other developers of active adult communities have a program whereby you can visit the community for between 2 and 5 days, staying in a villa and having full access to the clubhouse and amenities. You can sample the community and get a feel what it wo...
If you are looking for a senior job, it may not be just because you need the money.  There are other good reason to get a job in retirement.1. Earn Money is a good reason to get a job, as we all know.2. Interested In It is also a good reason. Just doing what you like to do.3. Part Time Jobs - Man...
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