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3Rs Construction Home RemodelingSo far we have taken out an old pond, gutted a basement, used dry ice for mold remediation, prepped main floor for remodel, and dug out for a new foundation drain system.Still a lot more to go, but we’ll keep you posted! Such a beautiful location too.     
3Rs Construction Building Special Spaces in Salem, OregonIs your indoor kitty gazing longingly through the window?  It sure would be nice if your feline could go outside but you know it wouldn’t be safe from the neighborhood critters. Our local Salem wildlife can pose a threat to our beloved pets...
MAKING TENANT IMPROVEMENTS FOR YOUR RENTAL SPACETenant improvements are the customized changes a building owner makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement. The space is remodeled for the needs of a particular tenant. It could be for office space, retail business, or service industry. The ...
Americans are moving outdoors!Perhaps it’s because we spend so much time in front of an electronic screen, or because we long for the simplicity of fresh air. Either way, outdoor living spaces have exploded in popularity. We’re remodeling decks and patios, sprucing up the pergola, and creating se...
Bathroom Remodeling in Salem, OregonTAKE THE PLUNGE INTO A BATHROOM REMODELAfter months, or even years of it being on your to-do list, it is finally time to check “remodel bathroom” off the list! Do you have a shower head that barely reaches your shoulders? Is there enough storage space for those...
3Rs Construction in Our Salem Oregon CommunityDid you know that March is American Red Cross month? Since WWII, every U.S. president signs a proclamation designating March as Red Cross Month. This is a valuable tradition for our country and for local communities, including ours! 3Rs Construction w...
3R's Construction on Broken Water Pipes in Salem Oregon WWW.3R's Construction.com Homeowners in Salem Oregon do not too often face the prospect of frozen pipes.  Salem residents, located in both Marion and Polk Counties in the Willamette Valley are blessed with year round moderate temperatures.  ...
If you are considering any Commercial Tenant Improvements in Salem by 3R's Construction, there are some things you should know. 3R's Construction in Salem is fast, the most time conscious company in the Salem area. Our Teneant Improvement team will work with you to clearly determine the scope of...
Ventilation and remediating mold in the attic has become an ever growing concern for Salem, Oregon area residents. As home inspectors become more educated and homeowners more aware of the potential adverse health effects of high concentrations of mold in living spaces, 3R's Construction is getti...
  Why Remodel your Bathroom with 3R's Construction in Salem, Oregon? Excellent question! A Bathroom Remodel by 3R's Construction is an excellent way of breathing new life into your existing home without the hassle of moving. At 3R's Construction and Remodeling we have found one of the most common...

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