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This is a place to go and read about interesting real estate topics and other things of interest. It's also a place to laugh (sometimes) and a place to contribute. It costs absolutely nothing to contribute and we'd really like to know whats on your mind. Give it a try. See you there!
These points are always smart to remember when looking for a new home. All to often clients (buyers) overlook a number of these points and regret it later! Checklist Before You Buy Finding a home that you can see yourself in for the next five to twenty-five years is a great feeling. Don't let tha...
On 15 May 2011 I will be launching a new venture. Designed to service the distressed property market, Washington State Home Rescue will provide a comprehensive, organized, and very specific program to help home owners through the short sale process making every attempt to stop or delay the forecl...
This has absolutely nothing to do with real estate but I need to blow off some steam. First of all I am a disabled American veteran. Have been for over 45 years now so dealing with the VA has been a real treat. If you've ever been in the service then you know how frustrating the "hurry up and wai...
Some new info about FHA: New FHA Annual (monthly) MIP Increases     These changes were effective April 18, 2011 (for case numbers assigned on or after this date) The Upfront Mortgage Insurance remains at 1.00%. The Annual Insurance Premium will increase from .90% to 1.15% for LTV's greater than ...
I read an article today that got my ire up. It was an article about the new risk rules that the FDIC is imposing on banks. Here is a short insert from the article: The FDIC today revealed a new set of rules that would implement a provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law mandating that ban...
Every once in a while I find that life deals you a set of cards that you just can't explain. This clip from CBS is one of those experiences. Have fun watching this and consider how unconditional, love can actually be. Enjoy!
This is part of an article that showed up on Linkedin today. It is interesting because we're seeing this happen in Washington Sate in high numbers. It is good to see investors buying again and paying cash. Let's get busy!   Evidence of constricted mortgage credit was highlighted in the latest Hou...
This is the latest article that contradicts other data saying the real estate market is coming back. Just be careful about how you interpret what you read and be cautious about spreading what would appear to be great news for buyers otherwise this could come back and bite you in the rear! Sales o...
Endure, grieve, and move on.  The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves.  LIVE while you are alive.
 This is a little long but there is some interesting data in this article. The man who wrote it is Mark Hanson and his data comes from public information. Read it - it's interesting. 1) The $20 Billion Multi-Agency Mortgage Servicer Settlement - A Pee-Hole in a Snow Bank. Even Less if Used for Pr...

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It is a place to go and read about real estate topics and many other things. It's also a place to laugh (sometimes) and a place to contribute. It costs absolutely nothing to contribute and we'd really like to know whats on your mind. Give it a try. See you there!