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Last Friday night, I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian.  The movie was entertaining enough, but there were a lot of giggles and snickers as we left the theater.  About fifteen feet in front of me was a young man dragging something on the back of his shoe.  I am sure it was a na...
Camping out for chance to buy a home? Builder, buyers stunned at response for homes in northeast Mesa Kerry Fehr-Snyder - May. 17, 2008 12:00 AMThe Arizona Republic "...Blandford is building 1,200 homes in the next six years ranging from $239,950 to $790,950. Introductory prices range from the af...
   Disclose Sign Up Fees Upfront!     Update:  Thank you for the phone call, Wayne.  Yes, I took a different route as you stated in handling your request (see email below).  I also appreciate you explaining that your  website has been modified since my experience on it.  (For the record, I took t...
     Even though I am a real estate broker, I have never had any trouble representing a Buyer to a Seller who is going it alone.  I happily report that communications were friendly, and negotiations were smooth.  No nightmares.      I never had the mentality of having "all or nothing" when it com...
   In case you are ready to update your business profile with a new photograph, you may want to check out some of these pictures for definite fashion "don'ts", and bad hair "do's":  The Smoking Gun   Click on Logo to check it out. 123 Happy Street, "Where Home Buyers and Sellers" Sell FREENationw...
    This is just a heads up for anyone out there looking for new venues to market themselves or properties.     I just checked out  My4saleonline.com.  Their idea of FREE costs you $5 to sign up.  Genius?  I don't know.   I think it is misleading.   They take your information, and then give you t...
      Do you ever dream of the future and how to make it better, easier or just more affordable?      How about  a holographic room located in the real estate office to allow individuals to tour properties by viewing a 3-D hologram.   No more need to drive from location to location.  Ultra-cool, ...
   Recently commenting on the featured blogpost:If your technology isn't saving you money, maybe you aren't using it right...   I commented:I love technology, but there is a nagging song that plays in the back of my mind, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhNM2K8cmU8   (That song really scared me wh...
      During these interesting economic times, what is the future of real estate?  With foreclosures on the rise, this means that many foreclosed on home-owners are now marked for years to come making it difficult for them to purchase properties through conventional-style mortgages.  What can be ...

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