ActiveRain Success Stories

Michael Vrlaku (Bank ): Mortgage and Lending in East Brunswick, NJ Michael Vrlaku (Bank ) said over 11 years ago,
"Currently working with 3 realtors that contacted me through Activerain. With my marketing help we have together increased our business greatly in the last few years."
Dick Betts, REALTOR® The Villages, Florida (TOUCHSTONE REAL ESTATE): Real Estate Agent in The Villages, FL Dick Betts, REALTOR® The Villages, Florida (TOUCHSTONE REAL ESTATE) said over 11 years ago,
"I have been hired many times by folks who have been reading my blog. I also have made many new friends and open networks all over the country."
Melissa Anderson, Your Texas Lender (Be My Neighbor Mortgage): Mortgage and Lending in San Antonio, TX Melissa Anderson, Your Texas Lender (Be My Neighbor Mortgage) said over 11 years ago,
"I have enjoyed being a member of Active Rain because of the members. Posts are positive, usually highly informative and the replies from others are positive and helpful. I look forward to working with other Active Rain members in the future."
Gregg Slapak (EXIT Realty Redefined of GREATER Chicago): Real Estate Agent in Wheaton, IL Gregg Slapak (EXIT Realty Redefined of GREATER Chicago) said over 11 years ago,
"Remember: Chicagoans who have had their buying and/or selling real estate needs represented by Gregg most often say, "Gregg Will Work So Hard for You, You Will Think There Is More Than One of Him!"
"I thank my past clients for their confidences in my sales and marketing skills and abilities and look forward to introducing myself to you in hopes that I may soon go to work for you, too!. And to my fellow REALTORS round the globe, if you have buying clients looking to relocate to GREATER Chicago, I'd be grateful for you kind referrals of new business and will glady pay an aggressive 33% referral fee at time of closing with my company" Gregg Slapak"
Linda J. Hiltbold (RE/MAX Realty Group): Mortgage and Lending in Fort Myers, FL Linda J. Hiltbold (RE/MAX Realty Group) said over 11 years ago,
"When a Realtor truly listens to the Buyers and Sellers, is the beginning of a successful career in this industry. One must consider the circumstances of the Buyers and Sellers and not focus only on what commission will be received for the sale!"
Kemper Direct (Kemper): Real Estate Agent in Chicago, IL Kemper Direct (Kemper) said over 11 years ago,
"We offer auto insurance and home owners insurance. If you get renters insurance at you can qualify for a a discount if you have car insurance with Kemper Direct. Call toll free 1-800-276-9330 for quotes!"
Paul Murphy (MSM Mortgage Services, Arizona): Real Estate Agent in Phoenix, AZ Paul Murphy (MSM Mortgage Services, Arizona) said over 11 years ago,
"Looking forward to joining the activerain community and being of service to new mortgage companies entering the Arizona marketplace."
Greg Ludwick,  Complete Financial Perspective: Industry Observer in , CA Greg Ludwick, Complete Financial Perspective said over 11 years ago,
"Activerain rocketed my mortgage career and countless other Real Estate professionals that I have been able to instruct as a result of my education on the Activerain Platform. ! Thank you to him and the reciprocity of this system is immense! WOW"
Paul Cutajar (Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Mississauga, ON Paul Cutajar (Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc.) said over 11 years ago,
"ActiveRain has been an asset for my career. Tapping into the wealth of information and knowledge all these professionals offer is fantastic. Humor, serious topics, advice or requests. There is always an answer and always something to learn. Here's to more Activerain.
David Snell 704.545.0098, CERTIFIED MOLD INSPECTOR, CERTIFIED MOLD REMOVAL. (WWW.ExecutiveRestoration.Com): Home Inspector in Charlotte, NC David Snell 704.545.0098, CERTIFIED MOLD INSPECTOR, CERTIFIED MOLD REMOVAL. (WWW.ExecutiveRestoration.Com) said over 11 years ago,
"I haven't been on here long, but have already received very interesting responses on my articles. I will continue to write more articles in the future. Please check them out sometime and if they are something you want to discuss, please do so. Woo Hoo I am excited! Thanks everyone!"
Tammy Deviley (RE/MAX Select REALTORS LLC): Real Estate Agent in Green Bay, WI Tammy Deviley (RE/MAX Select REALTORS LLC) said over 11 years ago,
"I have received some great referrals from being an Active Rain member! What a wonderful network of endless opportunity."
Matt Rubinoff (Abercrombie Capital): Mortgage and Lending in New York, NY Matt Rubinoff (Abercrombie Capital) said over 11 years ago,
"I can say hands down that making dreams come true is my favorite part of the business. Allow me to tell you a heart warming story of the first loan I closed after founding Abercrombie Capital and the wonderful friends I made in the process. An older couple own a mixed use building in Brooklyn, New York. When the tenant in the commercial space vacated they decided that they would pursue their dream of restoring the space to a grand cabaret and restaurant, as it had been many decades before. This was a labor of love for these wonderful people. When they came to me they had invested their life savings, already had maximum leverage on the building, and had run out of cash. The husband’s health was failing at this point and the wife secretly worried that he would not live to see his dream realized. To make a long story short I analyzed all of their real estate holdings, called on all of my investors, and through creativity was able to secure the financing they required through a combination of a private second lien on the building while cross collateralizing with a small apartment building they owned in upstate New York. The gentleman was able to realize his dream. He passed away peacefully a couple of months after the grand opening. I am privileged to call this family friends many years later. One of their son’s is a close friend in my inner circle as well as one on my legal counselors.

I would consider it a great privilege to assist you in turning your dreams into reality."
Buck Jones (Asset Realty): Real Estate Agent in Lexington, SC Buck Jones (Asset Realty) said over 11 years ago,
""Yes, I love the real estate business. What I love about it the most is that if I work hard I can make a good living and every once in a while I can make a great diffference". For me this business is not always about commissions. It is sometimes about helping someone get something that they thought was never possible. I have had the privilege to play a small part in several people lives that have changed the way I look at this business. I am confident that what we achieved working together has made a tremendous change in the life of their family."
Dagmar Sands, International Real Estate Agent, CIPS, FIPC, ABR (Real Estate International, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Johns Creek, GA Dagmar Sands, International Real Estate Agent, CIPS, FIPC, ABR (Real Estate International, Inc.) said over 11 years ago,
"I have shared ActiveRain with all my colleagues in FIABCI and on my monthly calls.
What I love is that through the RSS feed my blogs go to other social networks and
many new clients have contacted me as a result. We also promote ActiveRain at our
regular monthly MEETUPS at"
Lottie Kendall, Helping make your real estate dreams a reality (Compass): Real Estate Agent in San Francisco, CA Lottie Kendall, Helping make your real estate dreams a reality (Compass) said over 11 years ago,
"In September escrow closed on a funky little beach cottage on leased land and my buyers were ecstatic. I wrote about it, "Getting Ready to Enjoy Martin's Beach"

Today I had a contact from my Active Rain account -- a past client did a Google Search on Martin's Beach and up popped my blog! She had no idea I knew Martin's Beach or that I could help her there since it's a bit away from Palo Alto, California.

We're now working to see if there's a spot for her, and maybe help her beach dreams come true.

Love the power of the Rain!"
John Smith: Mortgage and Lending in Saddle River, NJ John Smith said over 11 years ago,
"The first day I was made contact with the top grossing real estate agent in Bergen County. Looking to build on the relationship and form a bond that will last a long time."
Robby Milam (RE/MAX AT THE LAKE): Real Estate Agent in Columbia, SC Robby Milam (RE/MAX AT THE LAKE) said over 11 years ago,
"I continue to be excited by the blogs I read daily and all of the information shared by members on Active Rain. I suggest everyone sign up and participate. The information available at your fingertips will astound you. I wish you all the best. Happy Raining!"
Sarah McMillan (SunRidge Management Group, Inc.): Services for Real Estate Pros in Dallas, TX Sarah McMillan (SunRidge Management Group, Inc.) said over 11 years ago,
"SunRidge Management Group, Inc. was formed in 1990 by Ronald F. Akin, who remains the company's president and sole owner. From that original beginning until today, the company has grown to a corporate staff of 24 and over 350 on-site associates. There are currently over 80 properties being managed by the SunRidge Management Group, Inc. team throughout the United States.

Proven Keys for Successful Property Performance: People, Price, Product, Promotion and Pride"
Cedar Publishing (Cedar Publishing): Real Estate Agent in Edmonton, AB Cedar Publishing (Cedar Publishing) said over 11 years ago,
"Cedar Publishing Corporation Edmonton employs some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the areas of editorials, design, advertising, sales, production, photography, printing, and distribution. These assets allow us to offer a turn-key service to our clients. Our staff has exceptional experience in establishing new magazines or reorienting existing publications that have lost their sense of direction and effectiveness."
Angeline Sackett (Coldwell Banker Residential): Real Estate Agent in Fort Myers, FL Angeline Sackett (Coldwell Banker Residential) said over 11 years ago,
"8/1/09: One week ago today I received a message in my e-mail from a particiating Active Rain agent in need of help... & yesterday (perhaps because I responded quickly!) I had a fully executed contract & a happy buyer returning to Illinois knowing that upon their return to SW Florida it will be to a home of their own! Even though they quickly learned that the era of our $50,000 NEW homes in good locations & without hidden issues has either never been there nor exists any longer, they were encouraged with what they saw & welcomed the opportunity to buy while the buying opportunity is not only good - but GREAT ! This was a lesson for me & an opportunity to make a sale I would not otherwise have had while showing me the importance of paying attention to something that I believed had value enough to join in the first place. Thank you "Active Rain" !"